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CCTV Monitoring

Cost effective 24/7 security

Our Service

According to the British Chamber of Commerce’ Business Crime Survey, CCTV is considered the most effective method of reducing crime. 

By integrating sophisticated digital video technology and advanced software engineering, Allied's CCTV Monitoring provides high quality real time digital video recording and monitoring functions.


Our CCTV remote monitoring and recording facilities deliver efficient, cost effective site security through CCTV Monitoring, Incident Response and Management. We possess high-end CCTV Surveillance technology, expertise and the tools to provide instant alerts when trouble occurs ensuring that crimes against people and property are prevented or substantially reduced.


The benefits of using Allied

  • High specification technology and software

  • An experienced team of CCTV Monitoring Personnel

  • 24/7 Surveillance and support

  • Deterrent to criminals

  • Routine reporting on suspicious persons, vehicles or incidents

  • Immediate reporting on potential threats

  • Permanent record of incidents and events 


Allied Facilities Ltd are able to remotely monitor your CCTV wherever you are located in the UK from our 24/7 control centre in Christchurch, Dorset.

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