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Health & Safety Policy Statement


General Statement of Policy

The Company acknowledges and accepts its legal responsibilities for securing the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, of sub-contractors working on its behalf and all others affected by their activities, including our Client’s employees and the General Public.

The Company recognises and accepts the general duties imposed upon the Company as an  Employer under the Health & Safety at Work Act and subsequent Health & Safety Regulations relating to its operation.


The Company will do all that is reasonably practical to provide and maintain:


  • Safe places at work

  • Safe access and egress into work

  • Safe methods and systems of work

  • Safe plant and equipment

  • Personal protective equipment relevant to working tasks

  • A safe and healthy working environment

  • Appropriate training to maintain safety

  • The Company will carry out a regular review of this policy to ensure that these standards of Health & Safety are maintained.

Date:         1st December 2022

Name:       Rick Ashton                            Position:           Managing Director

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